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  • Dion Wright

An Approach to Metal Sculpture

"Balancing Act" by Dion Wright

A question was posed via email today, by someone unfamiliar with my artwork:

Q: "I'm just curious about your sculpture work, are we talking about marble and other stone work?"

A: Stone carving is a reductive process, while my approach is additive, like drawing in 3D. I weld and use steel rod as line to establish proportions and rhythms, which, when good, slowly fill in up to the required level, seldom closing a complete volume and frequently leaving places to see into the inside to understand how it's made.

I'm basically a representational artist, and I have a long and complicated schpiel about why, and what I think is wrong with the so-called "Art World". If you're interested, we may get into that later. In any case, the resulting artifacts of my work is sculpture.

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